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  College Area Phone Fax
ITS-Enterprise Information Services 6598 5490
 ITS-Financial Information Systems and Business Intelligence Solutions.65985490
 ITS-Student Information Systems and Enterprise Content Management65985490


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ON CAMPUS CALLERS: May dial only extensions listed.
OFF CAMPUS CALLERS: Unless otherwise specified, dial area code & exchange (704 330-) before listed extensions.

Title Last Name First Name M.I. Building Room Phone Fax
Executive Director, Enterprise Information ServicesTemplesLauraASunTrust Bank31365695490
Director, Financial Info Systems / Business Intelligence SolutionsBoschKaraSunTrust Bank31464755490
Director, College Information SystemsHowellDustinSunTrust Bank32161975490
Director, Student Info Systems / Enterprise Content MgmtHunterSusanSunTrust Bank31562695490
System ArchitectHortonAndrewTerrell41562055490
Project Leader, ProgrammingDoshiGaurangTerrell42261985490
System Administrator, CISTaboadaRobertoTerrell41462125490
Programmer Analyst IIIMalmbergEricTerrell42063895490
Programmer Analyst IICoxCharlieTerrell42061095490
Programmer Analyst IIHarterPennyTerrell41965875099
Programmer Analyst IIHillCrayTerrell41861935490
Programmer Analyst IIXiongYuepengTerrell4222722 x31935490
Business Systems Analyst IIHinsonMikeWTerrell42167615490
Programmer Analyst IArdreyTrinaTerrell42142535490
Programmer Analyst IRamosNicolasTerrell41832415490

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