Administrative Offices

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  College Area Phone Fax
College Security Services 6632 6171


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ON CAMPUS CALLERS: May dial only extensions listed.
OFF CAMPUS CALLERS: Unless otherwise specified, dial area code & exchange (704 330-) before listed extensions.

Title Last Name First Name M.I. Building Room Phone Fax
Executive Director, College SecurityWrightCharlesDrumm Facilities Services10762570000
Director of Campus Security - Levine CampusAgatiJosephLevine IIILV 164142910000
Director - Emergency ManagementFinneyCarlOvercash11765990000
Director of Security CommunicationsKorenichRichardDrumm Facilities Services102B66280000
Director of Campus Security - Harper CampusMalloyCharlesGHarper I30644910000
Deputy ChiefMcKinneyJasonCharlottetowne Office Bldg11866320000
Director of Campus Security - Cato CampusRayLockwoodCato I10048914890
Director of Campus SecuritySmithTimothyLCentral High26562270000
Assistant Director of SecurityHardenColinJHarris II210354910000
Assistant Director of Campus SecuritySnipesNicholasClaytor110671320000
Assistant Director of Campus SecurityMurphyDanielBelk Wing of Health Careers111269270000
Security OfficerOLearyBrianEducation CenterN/A980.613.73390000
Administrative Assistant IITomoneyVerninaDrumm Facilities ServicesFS 10362790000
Security OfficerLongCoryWorrellOC 11766320000
Security OfficerMcLainStephanieDrumm Facilities ServicesFS102A66320000
Security OfficerNeblettAndreOvercash11766320000
Security OfficerNicholsonRyanDrumm Facilities ServicesFS102A66320000
Security OfficerNivenJeffOvercash11766320000
Office CoordinatorCorpeningChristinaDrumm Facilities Services10636270000

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