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  College Area Phone Fax
Procurement 704.330.6766 704.334.0474


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Title Last Name First Name M.I. Building Room Phone Fax
Supervisor, ProcurementEnnisJenniferCharlottetowne Office Bldg21260890474
Senior BuyerHawkinsTimCharlottetowne Office Bldg1112722 x30250474
Senior BuyerHoangRosalynnCharlottetowne Office Bldg10160910474
Senior BuyerHornerDawnCharlottetowne Office Bldg11560740474
BuyerSmithPriscillaCharlottetowne Office Bldg1182722 x39090474
BuyerThompsonLori-AnnCharlottetowne Office Bldg1162722 x30830474

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