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  College Area Phone Fax
Graduation Services 6312 6955


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ON CAMPUS CALLERS: May dial only extensions listed.
OFF CAMPUS CALLERS: Unless otherwise specified, dial area code & exchange (704 330-) before listed extensions.

Title Last Name First Name M.I. Building Room Phone Fax
Graduation CoordinatorHlastalaLisaCentral High3222722 ext. 36506955
Graduation SpecialistReckerdBetsyHarper IV2092722 ext. 74854444
Graduation AnalystAllenPamelaACato I12448074884
Graduation AnalystCloudVeronicaECentral High32265256955
Graduation AnalystHoldenTimothyMCentral High32262526955
Graduation AnalystLaneSusanLevine I22302722 ext. 73474210
Graduation Analyst-PTCarrWendyCentral High32227226955
Graduation ClerkWestallChristaCentral High32263126955

Employee roster maintained by: Laurie Ladson