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  College Area Phone Fax
Talent Development 3853 6870


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ON CAMPUS CALLERS: May dial only extensions listed.
OFF CAMPUS CALLERS: Unless otherwise specified, dial area code & exchange (704 330-) before listed extensions.

Title Last Name First Name M.I. Building Room Phone Fax
Chief Diversity Officer, Executive on Loan Bank of AmericaNichollsRiaDisher112980.387.30386066
Executive Director, Talent ManagementLordDebbieHall2052722 x38536870
Instructional Developer IICrehoreAnn DavantHall3082722 x38716870
Instructional Developer IISteinbergTheresaHall307B2722 x38706870
Project SpecialistStreppaKarenHall3212722 x37526870
Instructional Developer IILongNadiraTHall3082722 x38046870
Data AnalystLandryJerryHall00034326870

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