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  College Area Phone Fax
Workplace Learning 6217 6201


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ON CAMPUS CALLERS: May dial only extensions listed.
OFF CAMPUS CALLERS: Unless otherwise specified, dial area code & exchange (704 330-) before listed extensions.

Title Last Name First Name M.I. Building Room Phone Fax
DirectorInjaychockEdElizabeth Office Building11061326201
Sr. Coordinator, Apprenticeship CharlotteHerndonJenniferAdvanced Tech Center51032722 x31566276
Sr Coordinator, Apprenticeship CharlotteScottVictoriaHarris I214761914747
Sr. Coordinator, Apprenticeship CharlotteStricklandTerrenceHarper IV418-K44316201
CoordinatorBelleJackieLevine I22062722 x73996201
CoodinatorMalloryMiaCato I21348744819
CoordinatorPriceEricTransportation Systems20341574120
Administrative Asst IICravenJaneenElizabeth Office Building10162176201

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