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  College Area Phone Fax
Business & Accounting Division 6595 6560
 Accounting (Business & Accounting Academic Division)65956560
 Business Administration65956560
 Economics (Business & Accounting Division)65956560
 Electronic Commerce (Business & Accounting Division)65956560
 Human Resources Management (Business & Accounting Division)65956560
 International Business (Business & Accounting Division)65956560
 Marketing & Retailing (Business and Accounting Division)65956560


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Title Last Name First Name M.I. Building Room Phone Fax
Director, Business AdministrationEvivieLorettaTE507B67826560
Program Chair, Business AdministrationGammonJBTE507B2722 x35936560
Program Chair, Marketing and RetailingGrierMikeTE50368256560
Program Chair, AccountingMcDanielPatriciaTE50450086560
Program Chair, Human Resources ManagementZietlowDavidTE51067816560
Discipline Chair, EconomicsGoodeMichaelTE50162396560
Instructional Office AssistantWilsonShovonTE507-C330.2722 x65950000

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