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Below is a listing of current Liaisons and their contact information. Liaison's are people responsible for adding/updating information located in the online directory. If your information is incorrect or missing, please contact the liaison responsible for your department.

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Liaison Name Department Phone Fax
Matlock, MichaelAbility Assessments and Job Analysis46434620
Crispin, SarahACA, English and Humanities Division65066644
Crispin, SarahACA-Academic Related College Student Success65066644
Crispin, SarahAcademic ESL65066644
Jenkins, VivianAcademic Affairs67306767
Davis, LisaAcademic Learning Center64236019
Wilson, ShovonAccounting (Business and Accounting Division)2722 x72936009
Gates, LaurenAccounting and Reporting67096720
Gray, Wanda LAccounting and Reporting65746225
Gray, Wanda LAccounting for Corporate and Continuing Education65746225
Pham, TracyAccounts Payable68546075
Byrd, BarbaraAdministration - Cato Campus48054820
Easter, SarondaAdministration - Cato Campus48734821
Kilgo, ConnieAdministration - Central Campus61206677
Metz, Renata MAdministration - Harper Campus44154444
Matlock, MichaelAdministration - Harris Campus46434620
Coggins, JeannetteAdministration - Levine Campus42014227
Green, TreasaAdministration - Merancas Campus41184130
Matlock, MichaelAdministration for Corporate and Continuing Education46434620
Ladson, LaurieAdmissions, Records and Registration66576136
Ladson, LaurieAdmissions, Records and Registration - Cato Campus66576136
Ladson, LaurieAdmissions, Records and Registration - Central Campus66576136
Ladson, LaurieAdmissions, Records and Registration - Harper Campus66576136
Ladson, LaurieAdmissions, Records and Registration - Harris Campus66576136
Ladson, LaurieAdmissions, Records and Registration - Levine Campus66576136
Ladson, LaurieAdmissions, Records and Registration - Merancas Campus66576136
De Martino-Reel, NadiaAdult High School69200000
White, TonjaAdult High School2722 x30680000
Strange, DeniseAdvertising + Graphic Design (Applied Technologies Division)44450000
Dodge, LauraAdvisement and Student Success Center - Cato Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraAdvisement and Student Success Center - Harper Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraAdvisement and Student Success Center - Harris Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraAdvisement and Student Success Center - Levine Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraAdvisement and Student Success Center - Levine Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraAdvisement and Student Success Center - Merancas Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraAdvisement and Student Success Center - Merancas Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraAdvisement Services61080000
Chung, AngelaAging Studies64836410
Johnson, NikkiAir Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration-HVAC (Construction Technology Div.)44084420
Metz, Renata MAir Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration-HVAC (Construction Technology Div.)44154444
Wilson, ShovonAnthropology2722 x72936009
Strange, DeniseApplied Technologies Division44450000
Johnson, NikkiArchitectural Technology (Construction Technologies Division)44084420
White, BeckyASL American Sign Language-English, Interpreter Education (Professional Careers Division)48654820
Caldwell, Marcus LAssisted Living Administrator (Continuing Education)2722 x72344140
Habbal, RoulaAssociate in Engineering6860704.330.6276
Jones, DuanaAutomotive Systems Technology41224190
Cleary, ValerieBaking & Pastry Arts (Hospitality Education Division)67210000
Gates, LaurenBarnes & Noble Bookstore - Cato Campus67096720
Gates, LaurenBarnes & Noble Bookstore - Harper Campus67096720
Gates, LaurenBarnes & Noble Bookstore - Levine Campus67096720
Gates, LaurenBarnes & Noble Bookstore - Merancas Campus67096720
Gates, LaurenBarnes & Noble/R. Powell Majors Bookstore - Central Campus67096720
Wilson, ShovonBehavioral and Social Sciences Division2722 x72936009
Thomas, MattieBenefits68126066
Lorza, CatyBiology2722, x36036011
Habbal, RoulaBiomedical Equipment Technology6860704.330.6276
Garner, MarkittaBLET-Basic Law Enforcement Training41104130
Watson, CrystalBox Office / Ticket Sales68406930
Barnhill, Cindy MBridge Program64586510
Allen, PhetsakoneBroadcasting and Production Technology330.2722x31346677
Sinegal, Anasa DBroadcasting and Production Technology61586677
Pham, TracyBudgets68546075
Wilson, ShovonBusiness Administration2722 x72936009
Jacksina, LaurenBusiness Analysis (Information Tech Division)65496133
Wilson, ShovonBusiness and Accounting Division2722 x72936009
Matlock, MichaelBusiness and Industry Learning Services46434620
Gray, Wanda LBusiness Continuity65746225
Gates, LaurenCampus Printing (Auxiliary Services)67096720
Gray, Wanda LCampus Printing (Auxiliary Services)65746225
Gilbert, MonicaCardiovascular Technology (Health and Human Services Division)61436410
Barnhill, Cindy MCareer and College Promise64586510
De Martino-Reel, NadiaCareer Development (College and Career Readiness)69200000
White, TonjaCareer Development (College and Career Readiness)2722 x30680000
Dodge, LauraCareer Services61080000
Dodge, LauraCareer Services - Cato Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCareer Services - Central Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCareer Services - Harper Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCareer Services - Harris Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCareer Services - Levine Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCareer Services - Merancas Campus61080000
Gray, Wanda LCashiering Business Office - Cato Campus65746225
Gray, Wanda LCashiering Business Office - Central Campus65746225
Gray, Wanda LCashiering Business Office - Harper Campus65746225
Gray, Wanda LCashiering Business Office - Harris Campus65746225
Gray, Wanda LCashiering Business Office - Levine Campus65746225
Gray, Wanda LCashiering Business Office - Merancas Campus65746225
Robinson, LashandaCenter for Applied Research330.2722 x 3859704.330.6810
Matlock, MichaelCharlotte Cooks46434620
Lorza, CatyChemistry2722, x36036011
Habbal, RoulaCivil Engineering Technology6860704.330.6276
Jacksina, LaurenCloud and Virtualization (Information Tech Division)65496133
De Martino-Reel, NadiaCollege and Career Readiness69200000
White, TonjaCollege and Career Readiness2722 x30680000
De Martino-Reel, NadiaCollege and Career Readiness Advising69200000
White, TonjaCollege and Career Readiness Advising2722 x30680000
Tomoney, VerninaCollege Security Services62790000
Jones, DuanaCollision Repair & Refinishing Technology41224190
Allen, PhetsakoneCommunication / Speech (Digital Media, Journalism & Communication Division)330.2722x31346677
Sinegal, Anasa DCommunication / Speech (Digital Media, Journalism & Communication Division)61586677
Thompson, Linda GCommunications, Marketing and Public Relations66506455
Thomas, MattieCompensation68126066
Dodge, LauraCompletion by Design Grant61080000
Eddie, Angela DCompliance and Audit69086170
Habbal, RoulaComputer Engineering Technology6860704.330.6276
Jacksina, LaurenComputer Information Systems 110 & 11165496133
Matlock, MichaelComputer Technology Institute46434620
Habbal, RoulaComputer-Integrated Machining Technology6860704.330.6276
Gates, LaurenConstruction Accounting and Fixed Assets67096720
Gray, Wanda LConstruction Accounting and Fixed Assets65746225
Johnson, NikkiConstruction Management (Construction Technologies Division)44084420
Barran, Becky DConstruction Technologies Division2722 x36066767
Johnson, NikkiConstruction Technologies Division44084420
Metz, Renata MConstruction Technologies Division44154444
Matlock, MichaelCorporate Learning Center46434620
Pough, JenniferCosmetology330-2722 x76824770
Dodge, LauraCounseling Services61080000
Dodge, LauraCounseling Services - Cato Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCounseling Services - Central Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCounseling Services - Harper Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCounseling Services - Harris Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCounseling Services - Levine Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraCounseling Services - Merancas Campus61080000
Highsmith, JillianCriminal Justice (Public Safety Division)41384142
Cleary, ValerieCulinary Arts (Hospitality Education Division)67210000
Blahnik, LorraineCustomer Service, Registration for Corporate and Continuing Education42324225
Cox, CaraCytotechnology (Medical Careers Division)34156410
Beam, JoleneDance (Visual and Performing Arts Division)68180000
Jacksina, LaurenDatabase Business Intelligence (Information Tech Division)65496133
Chung, AngelaDental Assisting (Health Sciences Division)64836410
Chung, AngelaDental Hygiene Clinic (Health Sciences Division)64836410
Gilbert, MonicaDevelopmental Disabilities (Health and Human Services Division)61436410
Jones, DuanaDiesel / Heavy Equipment & Transport Technology41224190
Highsmith, JillianDigital Evidence (Forensics -Public Safety Division)41384142
Allen, PhetsakoneDigital Film and Videography330.2722x31346677
Sinegal, Anasa DDigital Film and Videography61586677
Allen, PhetsakoneDigital Media, Journalism & Communication Division330.2722x31346677
Dodge, LauraDisability Services61080000
Harrell, Maria EDistribution Services (Facilities Services)65636166
Beam, JoleneDrama (Visual and Performing Arts Division)68180000
Crispin, SarahDRE-Developmental Reading and English65066644
Pough, JenniferEarly Childhood330-2722 x76824770
Pough, JenniferEarly Childhood, Teacher, Health/Physical Education and Cosmetology Division330-2722 x76824770
Matlock, MichaelEconomic Recruitment (Continuing Education)46434620
Wilson, ShovonEconomics (Business and Accounting Division)2722 x72936009
Habbal, RoulaElectrical Engineering Technology6860704.330.6276
Johnson, NikkiElectrical Systems Technology (Construction Technologies Division)44084420
Habbal, RoulaElectronics Engineering Technology6860704.330.6276
Highsmith, JillianEmergency Medical Services (Public Safety Division)41384142
Thomas, MattieEmployee Recruitment68126066
Thomas, MattieEmployment Verification68126066
Habbal, RoulaEngineering Technologies Division6860704.330.6276
Crispin, SarahEnglish65066644
Crispin, SarahEnglish as a Foreign Language65066644
De Martino-Reel, NadiaEnglish Classes (College and Career Readiness)69200000
White, TonjaEnglish Classes (College and Career Readiness)2722 x30680000
Barnhill, Cindy MEnrollment Management64586510
Napier, HeatherEnrollment Services62616250
Gray, Wanda LEnterprise Risk Management65746225
Bozart, MikeEnvironmental Health and Safety61036020
De Martino-Reel, NadiaESL Plus69200000
White, TonjaESL Plus2722 x30680000
Harrell, Maria EFacilities Rentals65636166
Harrell, Maria EFacilities Services65636166
Barran, Becky DFaculty Credentialing2722 x36066767
Lee, RitaFaculty Development62486767
Galante, TerryFamily Resource Center2722 x34456442
Laliberte, ConnieFinance and Administrative Services67175045
Cook, LynetteFinancial Aid2722 x36715053
Cook, LynetteFinancial Aid - Cato Campus2722 x36715053
Cook, LynetteFinancial Aid - Central Campus2722 x36715053
Cook, LynetteFinancial Aid - Harper Campus2722 x36715053
Cook, LynetteFinancial Aid - Harris Campus2722 x36715053
Cook, LynetteFinancial Aid - Levine Campus2722 x36715053
Cook, LynetteFinancial Aid - Merancas Campus2722 x36715053
Gray, Wanda LFinancial Services65746225
Pham, TracyFinancial Services68546075
Matlock, MichaelFinancial Services Institute46434620
Highsmith, JillianFire Protection Technology (Public Safety Division)41384142
Highsmith, JillianFire Protection Training (Public Safety Division)41384142
Dodge, LauraFirst Year Advising61080000
Scott, TierenFirst Year Advising65366025
Bostian, BradFirst Year Experience6691None
Bellamy, JoanneForeign Language Lab - Central Campus63056820
Bellamy, JoanneForeign Language Lab - Levine Campus63056820
Crispin, SarahForeign Languages65066644
Highsmith, JillianForensics-American Academy of Applied Forensics (Public Safety Division)41384142
Hastings, GinnyFoundation68016727
Crispin, SarahFrench65066644
Lorza, CatyGeography2722, x36036011
Lorza, CatyGeology2722, x36036011
Habbal, RoulaGeomatics Technology6860704.330.6276
Crispin, SarahGerman65066644
Wilson, ShovonGlobal Business Concentration (Business Administration)2722 x72936009
Grahl, Julie RGlobal Learning330-2722 x31676560
Williams, Charmaine MGovernment Relations and Grants54715476
Ladson, LaurieGraduation Services66576136
Pham, TracyGrants / Contracts & Financial Aid Accounting68546075
Strange, DeniseGraphic Arts & Imaging Technology (Applied Technologies Division)44450000
Fambrough, MarleneyHarris Conference Center47764750
Gilbert, MonicaHealth61436410
Gilbert, MonicaHealth and Human Services Division61436410
Chung, AngelaHealth Information Technology (Health Sciences Division)64836410
Cox, CaraHealth Professions and Human Services34156410
Chung, AngelaHealth Sciences Division64836410
Chung, AngelaHealthcare Activity Director Training64836410
Caldwell, Marcus LHealthcare Continuing Education2722 x72344140
De Martino-Reel, NadiaHiSET-High School Equivalency Test69200000
White, TonjaHiSET-High School Equivalency Test2722 x30680000
Wilson, ShovonHistory2722 x72936009
White, BeckyHorticulture Technology (Professional Careers Division)48654820
Cleary, ValerieHospitality Education Division67210000
Cleary, ValerieHospitality Management (Hospitality Education Division)67210000
Matlock, MichaelHousekeeping Certificate (Continuing Education)46434620
De Martino-Reel, NadiaHSE-High School Equivalency Preparation69200000
White, TonjaHSE-High School Equivalency Preparation2722 x30680000
Thomas, MattieHuman Resources68126066
Wilson, ShovonHuman Resources Management Concentration (Business Administration)2722 x72936009
Gilbert, MonicaHuman Services Technology (Health and Human Services Division)61436410
Crispin, SarahHumanities65066644
De Martino-Reel, NadiaI-LEAD (Independence & Literacy Education for Adults with Disabilities)69200000
White, TonjaI-LEAD (Independence & Literacy Education for Adults with Disabilities)2722 x30680000
Jacksina, LaurenInformation Assurance and Digital Forensics (Information Tech Division)65496133
Hall, RyanInformation Center6302N/A
Jacksina, LaurenInformation Technology Division65496133
Bizzaro, MissyInformation Technology Services64445490
Browning, TinaInformation Technology Services2722x31525490
Hastings, GinnyInstitutional Advancement68016727
Williams, LynnInstitutional Effectiveness65976013
Thomas, MattieInstitutional Equity68126066
Williams, LynnInstitutional Research (Planning & Research)65976013
Patera, Chris JInstructional Course Management65380000
Johnson, NikkiInterior Design (ConstructionTechnologies Division)44084420
Miller, YvonneInternational Programs and Services64846130
White, BeckyInterpreter Education, American Sign Language-English (Professional Careers Division)48654820
Gates, LaurenInventory Control (Accounting and Reporting)67096720
Gray, Wanda LInventory Control (Accounting and Reporting)65746225
Browning, TinaITS-Academic Technology Services2722x31525490
Browning, TinaITS-Administrative2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Client Services64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Client Services2722x31525490
Browning, TinaITS-College Information Systems (CIS)2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Core Systems64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Core Systems2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Digital Media Services64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Digital Media Services2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Emerging Technology Services64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Emerging Technology Services2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Enterprise Information Services64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Enterprise Information Services2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Financial Information Systems and Business Intelligence Solutions64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Financial Information Systems and Business Intelligence Solutions2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Infrastructure Systems and Services64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Infrastructure Systems and Services2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Student Information Systems and Enterprise Content Management64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Student Information Systems and Enterprise Content Management2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Technical Support64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Technical Support2722x31525490
Browning, TinaITS-Technology Asset Management2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Technology Infrastructure Services64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Technology Infrastructure Services2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Telecommunication Services64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Telecommunication Services2722x31525490
Bizzaro, MissyITS-Web Development64445490
Browning, TinaITS-Web Development2722x31525490
Allen, PhetsakoneJournalism330.2722x31346677
Sinegal, Anasa DJournalism61586677
Highsmith, JillianLaw Enforcement In-Service Training (Public Safety Division)41384142
Hall, JaniceLaw Library-Cato Campus60306887
Matlock, MichaelLeadership, Management and Professional Development46434620
De Martino-Reel, NadiaLEIS Data for College and Career Readiness69200000
White, TonjaLEIS Data for College and Career Readiness2722 x30680000
Hall, JaniceLibrary60306887
Hall, JaniceLibrary-Cato Campus60306887
Hall, JaniceLibrary-Central Campus60306887
Hall, JaniceLibrary-Harper Campus60306887
Hall, JaniceLibrary-Harris Campus60306887
Hall, JaniceLibrary-Levine Campus60306887
Hall, JaniceLibrary-Merancas Campus60306887
Harrell, Maria EMail Services (Facilities Services)65636166
Barnhill, Cindy MMan Up Program64586510
Wilson, ShovonMarketing and Retailing Concentration (Business Administration)2722 x72936009
Reed, DavandraMathematics Division62816092
Habbal, RoulaMechanical Engineering Technology6860704.330.6276
Habbal, RoulaMechatronics Engineering Technology6860704.330.6276
Cox, CaraMedical Assisting (Medical Careers Division)34156410
Cox, CaraMedical Careers Division34156410
Cox, CaraMedical Laboratory Technology (Medical Careers Division)34156410
White, BeckyMedical Office Administration48654820
Caldwell, Marcus LMedical Reimbursement Specialist (Continuing Education)2722 x72344140
Barnhill, Cindy MMentoring and Bridge Programs64586510
Easter, SarondaMiddle College High School at Cato48734821
Metz, Renata MMiddle College High School at Harper44154444
Coggins, JeannetteMiddle College High School at Levine42014227
Green, TreasaMiddle College High School at Merancas41184130
Dodge, LauraMilitary Families and Veterans Center - Cato Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraMilitary Families and Veterans Center - Central Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraMilitary Families and Veterans Center - Harper Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraMilitary Families and Veterans Center - Levine Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraMilitary Families and Veterans Center - Merancas Campus61080000
Jones, DuanaMotorcycle Safety41224190
Beam, JoleneMusic (Visual and Performing Arts Division)68180000
De Martino-Reel, NadiaNC Works NextGen69200000
White, TonjaNC Works NextGen2722 x30680000
Jacksina, LaurenNetworking Technology (Information Tech Division)65496133
Strange, DeniseNon-Destructive Examination (Applied Technologies Division)44450000
Caldwell, Marcus LNurse Aide Program2722 x72344140
Ethridge, NickeyNursing Associate Degree330.2722 x34166410
Gilbert, MonicaNursing Associate Degree61436410
Matlock, MichaelNutrition and Foodservice Professional (formerly Dietary Manager)46434620
Chung, AngelaOccupational Therapy Assistant (Health Sciences Division)64836410
White, BeckyOffice Administration (Professional Careers Division)48654820
Lee, RitaOnline Learning for Faculty62486767
Cox, CaraOphthalmic Medical Personnel (Medical Careers Division)34156410
Barnhill, Cindy MOutreach and Recruitment64586510
White, BeckyParalegal Technology Program, William K. Diehl (Professional Careers Divison)48654820
Harrell, Maria EParking65636166
De Martino-Reel, NadiaPathways to Careers69200000
White, TonjaPathways to Careers2722 x30680000
Pham, TracyPayroll68546075
Matlock, MichaelPersonal Enrichment46434620
Cox, CaraPharmacy Technology Associate Degree (Medical Careers Division)34156410
Crispin, SarahPhilosophy65066644
Caldwell, Marcus LPhlebotomy (Continuing Education)2722 x72344140
Pough, JenniferPhysical Education330-2722 x76824770
Chung, AngelaPhysical Therapist Assistant (Health Sciences Division)64836410
Lorza, CatyPhysics2722, x36036011
Williams, LynnPlanning and Research65976013
Wilson, ShovonPolitical Science2722 x72936009
Chung, AngelaPolysomnography (Health Sciences Division)64836410
Wilson, MelissaPresident's Office65675045
Pham, TracyProcurement68546075
White, BeckyProfessional Careers Division48654820
Matlock, MichaelProject and Market Resources46434620
Wilson, ShovonPsychology2722 x72936009
Highsmith, JillianPublic Safety - Continuing Education41384142
Highsmith, JillianPublic Safety Division41384142
Matlock, MichaelReal Estate Training (Corporate and Contract Training)46434620
Blahnik, LorraineRecords Management for Corporate and Continuing Education42324225
De Martino-Reel, NadiaRefugee Students69200000
White, TonjaRefugee Students2722 x30680000
Crispin, SarahReligion65066644
Gilbert, MonicaRespiratory Therapy (Health and Human Services Division)61436410
Guégan, DavidRetention Services63456852
De Martino-Reel, NadiaRise 2 Work69200000
White, TonjaRise 2 Work2722 x30680000
Gray, Wanda LRisk Management65746225
Cook, LynetteScholarships2722 x36715053
Lorza, CatyScience Division2722, x36036011
Galante, TerryService-Learning2722 x34456442
Clemons, JulietteServices Corporation (business and resource development)704.330.6122704.330.6810
Allen, PhetsakoneSimulation and Game Development330.2722x31346677
Sinegal, Anasa DSimulation and Game Development61586677
Galante, TerrySingle Stop2722 x34456442
Matlock, MichaelSmall Business Center46434620
Wilson, ShovonSociology2722 x72936009
Jacksina, LaurenSoftware Development (Information Tech Division)65496133
Crispin, SarahSpanish65066644
Gates, LaurenSponsored Student Programs67096720
Pough, JenniferSports and Recreation330-2722 x76824770
Rymer, TaniaSTEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics)67326276
Amory, KimStrategy and Organizational Excellence2722 x38526225
Shaffer, DawnStudent Affairs66476767
Galante, TerryStudent Conduct and Civility2722 x34456442
Galante, TerryStudent Life2722 x34456442
Galante, TerryStudent Life - Cato Campus2722 x34456442
Galante, TerryStudent Life - Central Campus2722 x34456442
Galante, TerryStudent Life - Harper Campus2722 x34456442
Galante, TerryStudent Life - Harris Campus2722 x34456442
Galante, TerryStudent Life - Levine Campus2722 x34456442
Galante, TerryStudent Life - Merancas Campus2722 x34456442
Ladson, LaurieStudent Records/Transcripts66576136
Barnhill, Cindy MStudent Services - Cato Campus64586510
Barnhill, Cindy MStudent Services - Harper Campus64586510
Barnhill, Cindy MStudent Services - Harris Campus64586510
Barnhill, Cindy MStudent Services - Levine Campus64586510
Barnhill, Cindy MStudent Services - Merancas Campus64586510
Dodge, LauraStudent Success Services - Central Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraStudent Success Services Administrative Offices61080000
Grahl, Julie RStudy Abroad and Global Learning330-2722 x31676560
Gilbert, MonicaSubstance Abuse (Health and Human Services Division)61436410
Wilson, ShovonSupply Chain Management (Business and Accounting Division)2722 x72936009
Gilbert, MonicaSurgical Technology (Health and Human Services Division)61436410
Lorza, CatySustainability Technologies2722, x36036011
Thomas, MattieTalent Development68126066
Pough, JenniferTeacher Education/Lateral Entry330-2722 x76824770
Stradford, JoanTesting and Assessment68866620
Stradford, JoanTesting Center - Cato Campus68866620
Stradford, JoanTesting Center - Central Campus68866620
Stradford, JoanTesting Center - Harper Campus68866620
Stradford, JoanTesting Center - Levine Campus68866620
Stradford, JoanTesting Center - Merancas Campus68866620
Forrester, NancyTheaters68406930
Watson, CrystalTheaters68406930
Ladson, LaurieTranscript Evaluation66576136
Dodge, LauraTransfer Resource Center - Cato61080000
Dodge, LauraTransfer Resource Center - Central Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraTransfer Resource Center - Levine Campus61080000
Dodge, LauraTransfer Resource Center - Merancas61080000
Dodge, LauraTransfer Resource Centers61080000
Jones, DuanaTransport Systems Technologies - Levine Campus41224190
Jones, DuanaTransport Systems Technologies - Merancas Campus41224190
Jones, DuanaTransport Systems Technologies Division41224190
Bayne, LeslieTRIO Student Support Services63946790
White, BeckyTurfgrass Management Technology (Horticulture Technology)48654820
Cook, LynetteVeterans Affairs Education Benefits2722 x36715053
Beam, JoleneVisual and Performing Arts Division68180000
Beam, JoleneVisual Arts (Visual and Performing Arts Division)68180000
Jacksina, LaurenWeb Technologies (Information Tech Division)65496133
De Martino-Reel, NadiaWelcome Center for ColIege and Career Readiness69200000
White, TonjaWelcome Center for ColIege and Career Readiness2722 x30680000
Strange, DeniseWelding Technology (Applied Technologies Division)44450000
Craven, JaneenWorkplace Learning62176201
Thompson, Linda GWTVI PBS Charlotte66506455