Name: Suzanne  Marcoux
Department: Foreign Languages
Title: Instructor, French/Program Chair AA Healthy Programs
Office Location:
Levine I, 3408
Levine Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-4278
Fax Number: (704) 330-4227
Email Address:
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M W: 9:30-3:00; T: 9:30-11:00; R: 12:30-3:00; F:by appointment
Educational Background:
PhD: Florida State University, French 1993
MA: Florida State University, French 1986
18 graduate hours Spanish: Winthrop University 2000
BSc: Florida State Universtiy, French & Psychology, 1984
Sports, reading, sewing, movies, traveling of course!
Other Information:
CPCC Parr Award, Fall 2012 for teaching excellence and outstanding service to student education and guidance.
NISOD Excellence Awards Recipient, Summer 2018 for teaching and leadership excellence.
Fall 2018:  CPCC Advisement Management Award


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