Name: Steppen  Murphy
Department: Science Division
Title: Discipline Chair, Geology
Office Location:
Giles, 227
Central Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-6272
Fax Number: (704) 330-6011
Email Address:
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GEL 111 Introductory Geology (Traditional & Online)
GEL 220 Marine Geology
GEL 230 Environmental Geology

Office Hours (Spring 2020)
Monday/Wednesday 8:30-9:30am
Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-11am
Giles 227 Central Campus

If you cannot make these times please set up an appointment with me or stop by my office to try to catch me. I am more than willing to work around your schedule if my schedule permits. I am interested in your questions and comments and encourage you to see me outside of class.

Discipline Chair Geology

Chair Associate of Science Degree Program
Educational Background:
B.S. Zoology
University of Wisconsin at Madison

M.S. Geology
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

PhD Candidate Geology
University of South Carolina

EdD Candidate Higher Education
North Carolina State University
Educational Experience:
Professor and Discipline Chair of Geology
Science Department
Central Piedmont Community College
Classes: Introductory Geology, Physical Geology, Marine Geology and Environmental Geology

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Furman University
Classes: Earth Systems, Environmental Science, Oceanography and Process Geomorphology

Department of Geological Sciences
University of South Carolina
Classes: Earth and the Environment
Murphy, S. and Voulgaris, G. 2006.  Identifying the role of tides, rainfall and seasonality in marsh sedimentation using long-term suspended sediment concentration data. Marine Geology, 227, p.31-50.
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