Name: Rhonda  Satchell
Department: College Security Services
Title: Program Coordinator
Office Location:
Overcash, 117
Central Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-6599
Fax Number: (704) 330-0000
Email Address:
Note: If you email a CPCC employee and the message bounces-back or is undeliverable, please try to contact the individual by telephone, in person, or by other means.
This position is responsible for management of all aspects of emergency management, security, and safety at all CPCC campuses.
The program coordinator works with all areas of the college to facilitate, implement, maintain and exercise an effective college-wide emergency management plan that strives to reduce the possibility that CPCC operations will be interrupted in the event of a disaster.  
Educational Background:
BS in Criminal Justice Administration and Management.
MS in Psychology from The University of Phoenix.

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