Name: Greg  Bellamy
Department: Welding Technology (Applied Technologies Division)
Title: Instructor-PT
Office Location:
Harper IV, 312
Harper Campus
Phone Number: 2272x7401
Fax Number: (704) 330-0000
Email Address:
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Fall 2019 Semester Class /Office


*WLD-110-01 Cutting Processes
*Office hours 7 am & 1 pm--3 pm
*Lecture Room #362-A 8 am--9 am
*Practical application Welding lab Room # 8A-130 9 am -12 pm


WLD-131-01 G.T.A.W. Level I
*Lecture room# 352-N 7 am-9 am Lecture
*Welding Lab Room# 8A-130 9:30 am-3:30 pm
*Office hours 1 pm --5 pm

WLD-132-02 G.T.A.W. Level II
*Lecture HP1 Room#352-K 6 pm --7 pm.
*Welding Lab HP 4 Room# 8A-130 7 pm-9:40 pm


*WLD-110-02 Cutting Processes
*Office hours 3 pm-5 pm
*Lecture HP 1 Room# 352-O 6 pm- 7 pm
*Welding Lab HP 4 Room# 8A-130 7 pm- 9:30 pm


*Office hours 3 pm--5 pm
*Welding Lab Room# 8A-130 6 pm-8:40 pm
Educational Background:
Associate Applied Science Welding Technology (ASS) 2003 Central Piedmont Community college
Associate General Education (AGE) 2010 Central Piedmont Community College
Power Boilers and Pressure Vessel Safety Engineering Training and Certification Testing Department of Labor State of Georgia.
Natianl Board of Inspections Code (NBIC) and American Society of Mechanical Engineering Training and Certification testing in Columbus, Ohio.
Educational Experience:

Part-Time Welding Instructor CPCC 2003-2007
Full Time Welding Instructor CPCC 2007-Present
Authorized Inspector (AI) for Hartford Steam Boilers Authorized Insurance Agent (AIA)
AWS Certified Welding inspector (CWI)
AWS Certified Welding Educator (CWE)
National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Certified Welding Instructor
Weld and Automation's Specialist, my Territory consist of the Southeastern and Mid-South region of the United States.
Hobart Welding Institution in Troy, Ohio
Lincoln Electric Training Facility
Airgas University Training Center.

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