Name: Linda  Dunham
Department: Humanities
Title: Associate Dean, Department of Humanities
Office Location:
Levine II, 3446
Levine Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-4259
Fax Number: (704) 330-4227
Email Address:
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Interim Division Director, ACA,Humanities and Foreign Languages

Office Hours: Spring 2020 - by appointment at Levine campus, LV 3218 or 3446.
Educational Background:
B.A. Spanish, State University of New York - Oswego
M.P.H. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Educational Experience:
Professor and Discipline Chair, CPCC:
ACA/ Academic Success Courses

Human Services Courses
Corporate and Continung Education / Spanish courses
ACA 111 College Student Success
Textbook and Instructor's Manual
1st Edition 2006/2007
2nd Edition
3rd Edition, 2009
CPCC Press
4th Edition 2012
Teaching and practicing yoga; traveling with family.

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