Name: Sabrina  Black
Department: Health and Human Services Division
     Cardiovascular Technology (Health and Human Services Division)
Title: Program Chair/Cardiovascular Technology
Office Location:
Belk Wing of Health Careers, 3148
Central Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-6285
Fax Number: (704) 330-6410
Email Address:
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Program Chair,NonInvasive and Invasive Cardiology

ICT 134 Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology, NCT 133 Noninvasive CV Fundamentals, NCT 143 Echocardiography I, NCT 251 Echocardiography II, NCT 253 Hemodynamic Principles of Echocardiography, NCT 273 Echocardiography III. Noninvasive Instructor.
Educational Background:
B.S. Biology Lenoir-Rhyne University
Post-Graduate Medical Sonics
Guest Lecturer:  Regisrty Review Courses -_North Carolina Ultrasound Society 89,90,91,92,94,97, 98;Registry Review Course - RCIS 6/09; American Society of Echocardiography- 98 Regurgiatant Lesions,San Francisco, CA; '99 Stenosis - Methods and Pitfalls, Washington DC; '01 Diastolic Assessment of Systemic Disease-Seattle Washington.
The outdoors, Music, horseback riding, and any thrill sport or adventure
Other Information:
--Fall Semester Office Hours:
          Wednesday:  11:00 - 1:50
          Thursday: 11:00- 1:30.  Appointments may be arranged.
Spring Semester Office Hours:
            Wednesdays: 12:30-2:00
            Thursdays: 10:00-2:00
             or by scheduled appointment


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